Saturday, March 6, 2010

Updates for March

We are so excited to see the growth in our studio over the last couple months! Thanks to all of you who spread the word and bring friends!

A few updates to note:

*Our Monthly unlimited has increased to $59

*Starting Friday, March 12th, our 9:00 am Core class with Shauna will MOVE to 6:00 am

*New policy: When you come into class please pull out your punch pass and place it on the wooden plate. The instructor will sign and put your card away.

*We have had to re-look at our Child Care program, during the Month of March day care will not be offered. Starting April we will be offering a new child care program which requires:

-Pre-paid 4 week (monthly) commitment
-a minimum of 6 children for each program.
In program use for childcare-- (i.e. parent attending yoga)
Twice weekly @ $25.00 per month
Once weekly @ $15.00 per month

Non-program use for childcare— (i.e. parent chooses to use our care for personal time)
Twice weekly @ $35.00

-No proration on month childcare fee
-Children must be 24 months and up
-Childcare will be available on Monday and Tuesday mornings only

Additional points and pricing

Drop-in childcare will re-launch at a higher rate only if yoga daycare is established—
Fee schedule:
In program use for hourly drop-in childcare charged @ $5.00 per hour per child
Non-program use for hourly drop-in childcare charged @ $6.00 per hour per child

If an issue arises with a child in childcare- member of staff will quietly go place whiteboard at class window with the name of the child’s parent on it—child will remain with additional staff member on main level until parent arrives.

Again, this is a program is a test run so it will be re-evaluated in May. If you are interested in child care be one of the first one's to sign up to ensure a spot for your children! Any questions, please let us know.

We are so excited for our Laughing Yoga Workshop this Saturday, March 13th @ 2 pm.
$20 per person
Location: Daybreaks SoDa Row ~ Black Diamond Sports Center
upstairs in breathe - a yoga studio
11274 Kestrel Rise Rd. ~ South Jordan

Call to reserve your spot! (801) 790 1800

Laughter Yoga is* a unique practice that combines group laughter exercises with yoga breathing techniques, which allows anyone to laugh without jokes or humor. Laughter yoga as a practice enables us to get in touch with our spiritual nature, cultivate a positive mental attitude and helps to develop emotional is so much fun!

Why laughter yoga?
Laughter helps unwind the negative effects of stress, strengthens your immune system, relaxes endorphins, controls blood pressure and acts as a powerful antidote for depression.

What if I can't laugh?
Even if you fake your laughter your body still receives great benefits!

Does it matter how I'm feeling?
Nope, no matter what your perception of life is at this time, you are welcome. You are invited to discover a new way to cope with life by learning to laugh at both the best of times and when life offers a challenge.

Why do you lead classes in groups?
I see so much benefit in group play. It builds community, trust and a sense of wholeness not just as a team but for the individuals. It lends a feeling of "I matter." "What I have to offer others is of value." ....and that, is invaluable! Plus, being in the midst of a room of people laughing...just feels good!

OK, I'm in, what logistics do I need to know about the class?
* It lasts one hour and a half (give or take a little)
* All mobility levels are welcome
* Yoga experience is not necessary
* Dress comfortably
* Bring water (optional)
* Be open to having incredible amounts of fun and feeling goooood!

We will also be offering samples of Karen's Inspired Ice Cream after the Workshop! You won't want to miss this wonderful experience.

To learn more about Karen Bayard visit her website:

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